Online Business Marketing: E-Commerce Is The Business Of The Future?

The Internet has been a large, free ground for different businesses to flourish. With more and more people going online, business owners have invested in a whole new branch—an online market. This creates a whole new virtual world which is e-Commerce.

What is e-Commerce?

E-Commerce refers to virtual business transactions such as buying or selling online. It includes online stores, online payments, online banking, and much more. Consumers can now pay their bills or buy their needs in the comfort of their homes. The reach of e-Commerce is so wide that it can reach all places in the world if the business would like to.

The Convenience:

•Time Saver

There is no more need to rush into the mall and walk around to find what you need. Just a few clicks and a variety of options open up for you.

•Easy Tracking

When you have made a purchase online or just waiting for a package from your pal, most couriers now have online tracking applications so you will be updated on the whereabouts of your packages.

•Easy Payment System

Most banks nowadays offer online payment systems or they have credit cards specified for online transactions. There is no more or less risk for credit cards.

•Virtual Shopping

A consumer can do the normal things he does at mall on the tips of his fingertips. Physical shopping experiences have been virtualized such as Shopping Cart applications, virtual assistant, and costumer service.

The Cons:

• Transactions are made on-air and if the browser is not secure, confidential details can be hacked by other people.

• With regards to online shopping, consumers cannot fit their purchase. There has been an application developed for virtual fittings but it is not available to everyone and it is still not as accurate as the actual fitting.

• For electronics purchased online, you cannot test them in front of the seller and return if there are immediate defects.

• Time might be saved from not traveling but you still have to pay a shipping fee. The farther the location, the more expensive it gets. However, some online stores have Free Shipping promos from time to time.


More and more ways around e-Commerce are being created to fit the needs of every online shopper and seller. Here are a few tips to help you get through that online transaction safe and sound:

• Verify if the seller is legitimate. Some sites provide feedbacks from previous customers; it helps if you read those for further verification.

• Make sure all your questions are answered before finalizing a transaction. This is important for first-time online buyers or it is your first time buying from an online store.

• Create unique passwords if the site requires a registration. This also applies to online banking and online payment systems.

• Read the Terms and Conditions of the site. Most people don’t but this is extremely important when you make a transaction online.

• Consider the warranties and return/exchange policies of the store.

E-Commerce may be a very convenient way to shop and sell product